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Privacy Policy

Here we will talk about your privacy as a participant in the repertuá project. We will never share data for commercial purposes and we will respect each person's choice on whether to disclose their information.

  1. What type of information is collected?
    For login purposes we collect your email address.
    For the purposes of participant profile and diversity analysis, we collect, on a self-declared basis, name, gender, color and sexual orientation. The participant data form can be optionally updated.


  2. How is information collected?
    Data is collected by filling out a form on the repertuá website.


  3. Why do you collect personal information?
    See item 1.


  4. How do you store, use, share and disclose personal information about those who visit your website?
    All data is stored within the website databases in addition to private folders on a Google server owned by Outro Company Ltda. (company that created the repertuá project).


  5. How (and if) do you communicate this to your website visitors?
    The Privacy Policy is publicly communicated to all participants via a link in the footer of the website.


  6. Does your service target and collect information from minors?
    We do not segment or distinguish the collection of information from minors.


  7. Privacy Policy Updates
    This is Version 1 of the Privacy Policy. All updates and history will be constantly communicated on this page.


  8. Contact information
    If you have any questions or suggestions for updating this policy, simply write to

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