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Repertoire expansion journey
for social impact
in a healthy internet.

Who needs to be heard
so that better decisions can be taken
for society and nature?

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value of repertoire diversification as a driver of better decisions for society and nature

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value of the individual who feels belonging and their potential to become a more empathetic and inclusive being in a healthy online environment

Image by Dan Farrell
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it matters that this is created by brazilians

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Image by Marcus Lenk

This is a call for individual change.

From time spent consuming content on social networks to reading in-depth narratives.

From fast and superficial consumption to the contemplation of beauty in the time of each human being.

From the spotlight given to viral content to paying attention to those who need to be heard.

From spaces that value the number of followers to curation that aims for positive impact.

From the diversions of our attention to conscious presence.

From an unrealistic picture of the world to a comprehensive portrait of social and natural understanding.

From consumption within our own bubble to connecting with different realities outside our own.

Intentionally, we will exchange an hour of social media for reading a deep and contemplative original text about the social and natural reality in which we live. We will change themes to continually browse different topics. After a year of repertuá, you will have covered multiple opportunities to expand your repertoire, making you a person more connected to reality, more creative, empathetic and inclusive.

We dream of the positive impact resulting from a large community changing their online content consumption habits.

For the voices that need space to be heard.

For a greater human connection with social and natural realities.

For a significant change in our relationship with the consumption of online information.

For an increase in creative potential that allows hope for a sustainable future.

For better decisions being made for society and nature.

Towards a more inclusive, creative and connected world in a safe and healthy internet.​

created by Mario Gioto
strategy designer and TEDx Ambassado
r for Brazil


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